Survey and Online reading tests

Just finished the expanded version of my research plan and I will discuss this with my university tutor dr Amber Walraven at the end of this week. Then we will take the next steps.
I also have to talk to the  people who gave me grants to get money for the next year. This is the least pleasant task.

This year I will design and do a survey in which I ask teachers about their knowledge, attitudes and  classroom practice related to Digital Literacy. The teacher will be one of the variables I will look at when I try to understand the Digital Literacy of secondary school students. Will talk more in detail about this later.
Request: do you know of any valid and usable instruments I could look at or use? Please let me know.

The other thing I’m working on is designing and / or  choosing an instrument to measure digital literacy of secondary school students. I would like to test my  students at the end 2012 or beginning 2013.  After that I will relate this test to their scores on a standard reading comprehension test.

Julie Coiro, Donald Leu and colleagues have already designed and tested an interesting instrument, ORCA.  I have contact with Julie Coiro on this. She was very helpful in providing me with recent articles and ORCA materials . See  Coiro and Kennedey (2011) for more information.  I will look at the ORCA instruments carefully.
But I will look at  the PISA 2006 instrument too. I am interested in the differences and similarities of ORCA and PISA, in able to decide what is most useful for me. I contacted some people from PISA but it seems to be much more difficult to get more detailed information on that. Help is welcome.

Coiro, J. L., & Kennedy, C. (2011). The Online Reading Comprehension Assessment (ORCA) Project

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  1. Hi Jeroen, how are you defining ‘digital literacy’?

  2. Hi Doug Reading your thesis your question ‘ Hi Jeroen, how are you defining ‘digital literacy’ is very hard to answer. I will take a stand in this soon. ;-)

  3. PISA 2009:

    Sample tasks: (user name: public, password: access)

    Summary of the outcomes:

    Gey Merchant, UKLA book writer, blog on digital literacy

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